Microsoft Ignite 2020: Must Watch Sessions

It’s time for my yearly list of sessions I recommend watching at Microsoft Ignite 2020 – coming up on Sep 22-24. If you can’t make it, remember these sessions (if it’s like years past) will be made available on-demand for up to a year!

Let’s talk about that “on-demand” concept for a moment. I am a huge fan of keeping my skills up to date, and one of my favorite ways of doing that is watching Ignite sessions. I watch these videos ALL the time – on a treadmill, on the couch on a Saturday morning streaming to the TV, on an airplane, late at night when I can’t sleep – every chance I get.

It’s so important to consume these resources as you’ll learn a ton, and be inspired by art of the possible to go read more about it and lab it up. Take advantage of this! This is your career – in your hands.

Note: This is my personal watch list, with my interest in Security, Compliance, and a little bit of Microsoft Teams.


Building Digital Resilience

The Future of Work

Achieve resilience with Security, Compliance, and Identity

Panos and Brad Unplugged—A Conversation About New Hybrid Workstyles with Windows and Microsoft 365

Zero Trust

Implementing the Zero Trust Maturity Model at Microsoft

Zero Trust – the road ahead

Zero Trust for all your users – employees, partners, vendors and customer

Assume Breach! Zero Trust attack response!

Integrating on-prem resources in your Zero Trust journey


Azure Active Directory: our vision and roadmap to help you secure remote access and boost employee productivity

Govern access for employees and partners with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance

Ninja skills: manage your Conditional Access policies at scale

Azure Active Directory best practices for managing your remote workforce

The science behind Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

Taking identity and privacy to a new level | Verifiable Credentials with decentralized identity using blockchain

Azure Active Directory Updates: What’s New, What’s Changed

Top 4 Active Directory Security Issues from 2 Years of Security Assessment

Security Operations

Modernizing your Security Operations

Improve SecOps with Azure Sentinel, your Cloud-Native SIEM

Updates to Microsoft Threat Protection

Stop attacks and reduce security operations workload by 50% with automated cross-domain security

Detect Unknown Threats with User and Entity Behavioral Analytics in Azure Sentinel

What’s new and what’s coming in Microsoft Cloud App Security with the hyper focus on remote work

Best practices for hunting across domains with Microsoft Threat Protection

Safeguard your multi-cloud apps and resources with the latest Cloud Security innovations


Be a risk management hero with intelligent data protection and compliance solutions

Supercharge information protection and governance across cloud, on-premise, endpoints and remote work environments

Stop managing compliance with spreadsheets! Simplify and extend compliance beyond Microsoft 365

Don’t lose sleep over insider risks! Use the power of ML to identify and reduce your risk today

Be the first to know: What’s new in Microsoft Information Governance & Records Management

Microsoft Teams

Creating a resilient, inclusive, and hybrid workplace with Microsoft Teams

Power modern meeting experiences across the hybrid workplace using Microsoft Teams devices

Team Culture with Microsoft Teams

Interview with Matt Wade – How to deliver meetings like a rockstar in Microsoft Teams

Firstline Worker

Enable Business Continuity for your Firstline Workforce with Microsoft Teams

Modern Work Management

Playing chess on a trampoline: How to innovate in an era of uncertainty

Microsoft Endpoint Manager updates to enable work from anywhere

Introducing modern admin capabilities to better service Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise

What’s new in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Part 1

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