Microsoft 365 Overview and Briefing (Video)

Microsoft 365 is a compelling offering that enables organizations ranging from the small to mid-size business all the way to enterprise on their journey towards digital transformation. At a high level, Microsoft 365 combines the best of Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security into a single offering that customers can purchase. However, what exactly is Microsoft 365, and what does it mean to have it? How does this technology help me and my organization? What does it mean to bring creativity into the workplace? How does teamwork enable a more collaborative environment? What does integrated for simplicity and intelligent security mean, and how does it impact me as an IT professional?

I recorded a short 20 minute presentation (click the video below to watch) that will give you an overview of Microsoft 365 Enterprise – and I hope that it will inspire you to learn more about the value this service provides and the incredible capabilities that can open new possibilities for your organization. Enjoy!

P.S. Stay tuned as I will soon have another blog post on a video of Microsoft 365 demo in action!