Ignite 2018: Matt’s list of recommended sessions

Microsoft Ignite 2018 is right around the corner, September 24 – 28 in Orlando Florida. While there are over 1591 sessions, I wanted to share with you the list of sessions that I will either be attending in-person or watching the on-demand version later when I get home. Please feel free to use this list to help create your personal schedule, or on-demand viewing list later. Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter @SosemanMatt and LinkedIn for updates while at Ignite. Here’s my recommendations from Ignite 2017 Enjoy!

Tip: Every year I spend ~200 hours watching Ignite sessions while running on the treadmill every evening or on an early Saturday morning to ensure I stay up to speed and keep my skills sharp. These sessions are addicting, and fun! They inspire me to go out and learn more, lab up a scenario, and gives me great stories to share with my peers, customers and partners.Click each session to be taken directly to that session’s page on the Microsoft Ignite website.

My Session: BRK3135 – Learn more about security and compliance for Microsoft Teams (Also working the Microsoft Secure Score booth throughout the week, come see me and connect!)

Must See:

THR2303 – How to Shift: Modern Desktop Deployment with Brad Anderson

GS008 – Microsoft security: How the cloud helps us all be more secure

GS006 – Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365

GS004 – Simplify your IT management and level up with Microsoft 365

BRK3221 – Combat advanced cyber attacks with Microsoft Cloud App Security

BRK2158 – Elevate the security for all your cloud apps and services with the Microsoft CASB – Cloud App Security

KEY04 – Transform your workplace with Microsoft 365

BRK2295 – Sprint’s Microsoft 365 deployment acceleration strategies

BRK3401 – Azure Active Directory security insights with Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and reporting

BRK2468 – Security for your digital transformation

Office 365

BRK2102 – Better teamwork, together: SharePoint and OneDrive integration with Microsoft Teams

BRK2094 – The future of Yammer: Vision and roadmap

BRK2070 – New in Microsoft 365: Leadership engagement featuring live events

BRK2077 – Workplace Analytics & MyAnalytics: A review of data privacy and GDPR compliance

BRK2160 – The time for Teams: Scenarios to realize the value of Microsoft Teams

BRK2143 – Improving Health Team Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

BRK2140 – Accelerating GDPR compliance with Microsoft 365

BRK3398 – Best practices for a successful Video and Voice deployment on Microsoft Teams

BRK2440 – Citrix and Microsoft: Driving the future of work in the modern workplace, today!

BRK1059 – Enabling Firstline Workers with Microsoft Teams

BRK2393 – Get more done with Planner!

BRK2164 – The best (Outlook driven) day of your life

BRK2004 – The future of threat protection: Become efficient, cost effective, and more secure with Office 365 Threat Intelligence

BRK4002 – Securing your Office 365 environment from advanced phishing campaigns with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Enterprise Mobility + Security

BRK3272 – Authentication and passwords: The good, the bad, and the really ugly!

BRK3401 – Azure Active Directory security insights with Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and reporting

BRK3285 – Deep dive into evolution of Windows app management with Intune

BRK3006 – Defend against mobile threats and increase user productivity with Intune-managed Edge browser

BRK2018 – Efficiently manage security with Microsoft

BRK3241 – Enable Azure Active Directory Conditional Access to secure user access while unlocking productivity across Microsoft 365

BRK2157 – Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365

BRK2157 – Ensure comprehensive identity protection with Microsoft 365

BRK3029 – Lessons from the field: protecting corporate data on any device with Microsoft Intune

BRK3103 – Manage and secure iOS and MacOS devices and apps with Microsoft Intune

BRK3117 – SecOps and incident response with Azure Advanced Threat Protection: Protect, detect, and respond

BRK4001 – Secure enterprise productivity with Office 365 threat protection services including EOP, ATP, and Threat Intelligence

Windows 10 Enterprise

BRK3018 – Deploying Windows 10 in the enterprise using traditional and modern techniques

BRK3038 – Windows 10 in S mode: Why you should care and how it works

BRK3039 – Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus lifecycle and servicing update

BRK3017 – What’s new in Windows 10 mobile device management (MDM)

BRK3211 – Ask the experts: Successfully deploying, servicing, and managing Windows 10

BRK2420 – Beat the Windows 10 deployment clock

BRK3019 – Delivery Optimization deep dive: How to reduce internet bandwidth impact on your network

BRK3014 – Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 1 of 2)

BRK3015 – Modern deployment with Windows Autopilot and Microsoft 365 (Part 2 of 2)

BRK2002 – Modern desktop deployment and management with Microsoft 365

How I Invest in My Career: Modern Workplace

Staying relevant in a sea of constant change is a challenge that as an IT professional I face every day. The technology industry is constantly evolving and changing around me and requires that I keep my skills evergreen and my mind open. If I don’t, I may find myself without a chair when the music stops playing.

I am starting a new mini-series of blog posts where I will share my story of how I keep my skills sharp both technical and non-technical. The habits I have developed over my career, the resources I use, the “insider baseball” if you will of how I ensure I continue to invest in my career and how the return on those investments pay off. I hope that by reading this you will feel inspired with new and fresh ideas of how you can keep your skills sharp. Yes, training and readiness to improve your skills is an investment just like a retirement account or a savings account – and you’ll need it someday.

In this first post, I’d like to share with you a resource that I follow frequently from Microsoft called Modern Workplace. This is a monthly video series professionally produced by Microsoft that helps to keep me up to date on new technology and business innovation. The episodes consist of interviews with thought leaders from around the industry that share insights and overall, useful information that I can reuse every day in my job. Also, this series includes free ebooks and whitepapers where you can continue the learning through in-depth material. What’s impressive is that it’s been nominated for four regional Emmy awards!


How I use this resource:

Each episode offers very interesting perspectives and content and last about 30 minutes or so with topics ranging from GDPR to Cyber Intelligence to Data Defense and even tours of a Microsoft data center. I enjoy the broad range of topics as it enables me to exercise my growth mindset and learn something new. One of the new things I learn from this are the industry trends which I take back and incorporate into my daily conversations with peers and into my work. There’s even a community where you can discuss with others.

I’ll typically take notes in a OneNote notebook of each episode. You may wonder why do this? For me, this helps to retain the information and enables me to focus without distraction (typically on a Saturday morning or late at night) I also enjoy looking up previous notes as time goes on when I want to reference something. What’s interesting is that I find myself constantly referencing these notes in my daily job and applying what I learned from these videos all the time.

My other secret weapon is that I really enjoy podcasts, and being able to download episodes of Modern Workplace as a podcast to my smartphone makes life easier (see details on the website). If I am feeling restless, sometimes instead of watching the video I’ll listen to the podcast while working out or walking the dog. Sure I can’t take notes, but I’ll usually go back and watch the video again anyway.

Recommended Episodes:

There’s a lot of content to consume with this resource. When you register you’ll receive an email notification when new episodes are made available. In the mean time while you’re waiting for a new episode to be published, here’s a list of episodes I highly recommend watching. I recommend them because again, I find myself using this content almost every day when I speak with customers, partners, other IT professionals and even family and friends about technology and the impact it has on our lives.

I’m curious, what are resources you use to keep your skills up to date? Do you watch Modern Workplace, and if so what are your thoughts?