Intune: Upgrade Windows Pro to Enterprise AUTOMATICALLY!

Do you have a bunch of Windows 10 Pro devices and would like upgrade them to Windows 10 Enterprise? Microsoft 365 (specifically Microsoft Intune) can help you!

Note: For more information please reference Deploy Windows 10 Enterprise licenses. The following is an example on how to do this with Intune (assuming appropriate licenses have been purchased and assigned).

First, create a Microsoft Intune configuration policy. In the Azure Portal navigate to Microsoft Intune -> Device Configuration -> Profiles. Click Create Profile

Next, create a new Windows 10 and later profile, with a type of Edition Upgrade. Click Settings



Click Edition Upgrade

In the field Edition to upgrade to select Windows 10 Enterprise. In the Product Key field type in the product key (i.e. MAK). Then click OK

Click OK to save the Edition Upgrade. Click OK again then click Create

Next, click Assignments in the Assign to menu select All Users & Devices then click Save

Note: Your assignments may be different per your organization’s requirements. This is only an example. You could also assign only the machines in question, or use a dynamic security group that queries on the device serial number,etc.

On a virtual machine with Windows 10 1803, install Windows 10 Pro:

Note: I’m showing you this, to demonstrate the upgrade. Ideally you would sign in as an Organizational Account in the OOBE when installing Windows. However, if I did that here, you wouldn’t see that I’m coming from Pro 🙂

Notice it’s Windows 10 Pro:


Join the machine to Azure AD to receive the Intune policy:

Reboot the machine and sign in with the user’s Azure AD credentials. Once signed in, open System Information and notice that Windows has been upgraded to Enterprise!

This can be verified in the Intune portal under Device Status for the configuration policy that was previously created:

I hope you found this helpful. Questions? Please let me know in the comments below! Enjoy!

A credit score for cyber security?! Tell me more!

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Microsoft Secure Score gives you visibility into your cyber security posture, with awareness of how you compare to your industry peers, along with recommendations on how to increase your posture and reduce your risk. Watch the following 3-minute video for an overview of Microsoft Secure Score. Enjoy!

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I recorded a short 20 minute presentation (click the video below to watch) that will give you an overview of Microsoft 365 Enterprise – and I hope that it will inspire you to learn more about the value this service provides and the incredible capabilities that can open new possibilities for your organization. Enjoy!

P.S. Stay tuned as I will soon have another blog post on a video of Microsoft 365 demo in action!